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Attractant and insect pheromone traps
- Oct 31, 2016 -

Insect pheromone in insect interaction, can be used for monitoring and investigating pest, pest control, reducing the population density.


Using pest of information pigment lure same bug, again combined trap device will its collection, can trap the period of pest, understand its occurred of generation; according to catching to of pest number, timely accurate to measuring know pest occurred period, and occurred volume, and occurred range and ebb and flow situation, for control pest provides reliable of according to; guide farmers timely medication, can effective reduced chemical control times, improve of anti-effect and reduced control times; on not occurred pest district, can on insect love for forecast forecast.

Control of insect pests

(1) fans to method: by releasing large amounts of information, and interfere with mating and communications to reduce pest mating opportunities, reduce the number of next-generation pest rate;

(2) mass trapping: intensive trapping insects and reduce the number of next generation of pests;

(3) method of trapping: with pesticides, viruses and so on, a lot of trapping and killing insect pests;

(4) combined with other prevention measures (insect viruses, protozoa, infertility).

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