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State Forestry Bureau decided to launch two transformation services activity
- Oct 31, 2016 -

China Green times, May 16 on May 14, the party group meeting of the SFA, conscientiously study the spirit of the body functions to mobilize a teleconference of the State Council, in-depth study of transformation of forest functions and reform of the administrative examination and approval system.

Party Secretary and Director of the State Forestry Administration Zhao Shucong Chair, Deputy Director of the Bureau, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Zhang Jianlong, Council member and Deputy Director of Sun Zagen, Board Member, head of the Central Commission for discipline inspection in the discipline Inspection Commission of the party group Chen Shuxian, party member, Isaiah CHEUNG, Deputy Director of the Council attend the meeting.

Conference believes that accelerating the transformation of government functions and deepening administrative reform, is a major decision made by the Party Central Committee and the State Council, is the new Government started to do "first issue". Teleconference of the State Council is to implement the 18 and 18 second plenary session and the first plenary meeting of the State Council, an important meeting of the Conference. The transformation of government functions, is steady growth under the current situation, promoting employment, controlled inflation, risk prevention, the urgent need to maintain sustainable and healthy economic development and major initiatives.

It was decided that was founded by Zhao Shucong Chief leader and Deputy head Zhang Jianlong, Deputy Director of the State forestry administration leading group for transforming government functions, strengthening organizational leadership for transformation functions work. At global scope within the two months of "two transformation services" activities, with emphasis on function, changing style, serve the overall situation, service base.

Zhao Shucong stressed at the meeting, to take spirit 4 measures implementation of teleconference of the State Council.

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