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Good suggestions residential green space construction and maintenance management
- Oct 31, 2016 -

With the acceleration of urbanization around, residential construction sprung up, each community has or big or small, more or less green area (small garden, gardens, flower beds, etc), and so on, is both a residential place of recreation, is an important part of residential property management.

In recent years, the author visited a number of residential Greenbelt in Changzhi city, the survey found that most community greening plants on heavy plant light tubes, follow-up maintenance cannot keep up. Green weeds, diseases and pests multiply, trees allow growth without pruning and care, and the community. High-grade architecture does not match properties environments, seriously affecting the overall image of the community.

, Greenbelt conservation management

1. There is a problem

Community green plant variety, rich colors. Community Green within trees more to Sycamore, and Ginkgo, and pendula, and Koelreuteria Paniculata, and Magnolia, more precious of Joe shrubs mainly, survival rate high, but plastic trim, and fertilizer water management, with not Shang, tree shaped disorder, Crown within branches more and disorganized, branches, and died branch, and disease insect branch obviously, ventilation light poor, tree body growth slow, tree potential yearly weak, part community human damaged more heavy, folding branch, and folding spent phenomenon occurred. Hedge trimmer does not trim or trim in place, lawn and ground cover plants are growing poorer, alopecia areata, and degradation. Most community green space in the construction of irrigation facilities is not set, dominated by irrigated, irrigation, irrigation or water waste and other less obvious. Ground cover plants such as IRIS planting locations is not appropriate, leaf scorch, or entire leaf drying up serious and poor growth.

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