Pheromone Trap

  • McPhail Trap Standard

    McPhail Trap StandardPlace the fruit fly trap by wire on the branch of the shady side of trees. The hanging position is the upper or middle-upper of tree crown.

  • McPhail Trap for Fruit Fly

    McPhail Trap for Fruit FlyMake wire go around the rings of Part B and hang on the trees, installation is complete.

  • Barkbeetle Trap

    Barkbeetle TrapThe beetle trap is used for trapping Ips typographus attractant, Monochamus spp.,Scolytus spp.,Trypodendron lineatum,Cryphalus tabulaeformis

  • Long-horn Beetle Trap

    Long-horn Beetle TrapFix the longhorn beetle trap on the non-host trunk through the holes on side of the cross plate. Hanging height shall be the same as the flying height of longhorn beetles.

  • Scarab Trap

    Scarab TrapInsert Part C into Part B to form a cross plate (as shown); Please note that the end with gap downside.

  • New Moth Trap

    New Moth TrapInsert pheromone lure into the central hole of Part E, and then insert Part E in to Part D.

  • UniTrap High

    UniTrap HighInsert the two long poles of Part B into the holes of Part A, and then insert the other two poles into the slots of Part A.

  • UniTrap Standard, Bucket Funel Trap

    UniTrap Standard, Bucket Funel TrapThe bucket trap in standard hight.

  • Vertical Trap for Spodoptera Litura/ Spodoptera Exigua

    Vertical Trap for Spodoptera Litura/ Spodoptera ExiguaFix the vertical trap in the farm, the hanging height shall be 1~1.5m higher than ground level.

  • Delta Trap Paper

    Delta Trap PaperFix the pheromone lure by the short wire and the other side fix on the central hole of Part A. The distance between the lure and the bottom shall be 1-2cm.

  • Delta Trap Calcium Plastic

    Delta Trap Calcium PlasticPress Part A into delta-shape according to crease, and use long wire to fix one side by inserting into the holes on the top, fix the other side according to 4.

  • Wing Trap Large

    Wing Trap LargePress the part C into boat-shape according to the crease, and put the glue card under part A, the adhesive plate upside.

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