UniTrap Standard, Bucket Funel Trap

UniTrap Standard, Bucket Funel Trap

The bucket trap in standard hight.

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UniTrap Standard, bucket funel trap

The bucket trap in standard hight.


1. Insert the two long poles of Part B into the holes of Part A, and then insert the other two poles into the slots of Part A.
2.Pour 1/3 water into Part C, fix Part C to Part B.
3. Paste the pheromone lure on Part D; Insert Part D into the central pole of Part A..

1. The hanging height of bucket trap shall be adjusted according to the actual height of trees, 1.5~2.0m higher than ground level is the best.
2. Place the trap before the adults start flying, monitoring: 1 set/ hectare, controlling: 3-5sets/hectare
3. Please clean the insect bodies when the bodies are too much. And change the pheromone lure regularly to make sure good trapping effect.


Trapping effect

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