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Common pests of Walnut United States white moth
- Oct 31, 2016 -

Also known as United States tiger moth caterpillars, tent caterpillars in the autumn, autumn moths are Lepidoptera, Arctiidae. Commands a worldwide quarantine pest. Main street trees and fruit trees, ornamental trees, especially in the hardwood as heavy. Garden trees, forest, farmland, causing serious damage. Has now been included in the first batch of alien invasive species in China.

Prevention and treatment methods

1, to strengthen quarantine. Seedlings without quarantine or treatment of SARS ban logistic, active control within the area, effectively control the spread of the disease.

2, artificial. Larvae found 3 years ago NET behind artificial cut off the Web, and focus. As the larvae had dispersed, then grass before pupation the larvae under tree trunks tied under the method of trapping the tree to pupate the larva, regularly at centralized treatment.

3, United States white moth sex pheromone type insect trap and trap and kill adult or environmental protection. In the adult, to lure into the trap, set the trap hanging in the Woods, direct trapping of male, blocks insect mating, reduce the rate of propagation, achieve the purpose of pest control.

In Europe, America and Japan scholars in the late 60 insect sex pheromone biology, chemical structure determination, synthesis and application of research study in this regard, China started late (80), but in the synthetic sex pheromone and applications have reached the international advanced level.

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