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Prevention and treatment of several common flowers anthrax
- Oct 31, 2016 -

Anthrax is a disease that commonly occur all over the South and North China, mainly leaves, infecting stems, shoots, buds, fruit and other parts. Most flowers after infection, begins from the tip and leaf margin, nearly circular spots on the foliage, lesion edge is purple-brown or dark brown, light brown or gray Center, later on the spot with black dots, often arranged in a ring-shaped, and serious leaf wilt and die. Several common flowers anthrax symptoms and control methods are described below:

Milan anthracnose

Anthrax is one of the main diseases in Milan. Mainly in the leaves, petioles, twigs and the stem. The initial tip Browning, expansion to the leaves, leaves of up to l,3~1/2, spot a distinctive. Petiole onset, Browning, from spreading to the main veins of leaves, branches, and finally whole leaf Browning; disease can also be spread from petiolules down to total petioles, twigs and even necrosis of stems Brown. Plant leaves in the process continue to fall off, finally, branches withered and died.

Control method: introduction species transport Shi, seedlings of roots soil ball to big some, as less injury root, select both insulation, and moisturizing, and ventilation good of material for packaging material, bamboo basket within to added across layer, layered stacked, to Lee ventilation; winter or spring temperatures lower Shi, should will Milan moved to indoor, has conditions of to moved to greenhouse within, to reduced low temperature effect, enhanced Milan of resistance force; to timely transplant, carefully conservation, annual fertilization 2~3 times, timely watering, flowering to appropriate cut repair, promote plant growth symmetry, robust Discover infected petioles or leaf should immediately remove burned or buried deep, clear fall leaves and dead plants. Cases can be sprayed 1% Bordeaux, carbendazim or 50% 500~800 times.

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