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Chinese Academy of forestry and forestry in Weifang city of Shandong province to explore science and technology cooperation
- Oct 31, 2016 -

On May 23, the Forestry Bureau of Weifang city, Shandong province, Zhang Jinyu salt plant in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of forestry research seminar. Deputy Chu Fuxiang, President of the Chinese Academy of forestry hosted forum.

Zhang Jinyu, Weifang city leadership attaches great importance to and vigorously promote cooperation with the Chinese Academy of forestry, hoping China Academy of forestry science and technology to attract business investment and participation, in saline-technology popularization and demonstration, salt plant germplasm repository built, coastal tourism development of comprehensive cooperation.

Chu Fuxiang said, Chinese Academy of Forestry Science also attaches great importance to cooperation with Weifang, party studies of the Chinese Academy of forestry and co-operation of Weifang, and led by the forestry planning "SFA coastal Forestry Research Center", Weifang, and docking and implementation of science and technology, while around Weifang city of saline, coastal areas of forestry development and actively strive for scientific research project. He said, Chinese Academy of forestry, Weifang city, according to needs, multifaceted cooperation work, pay attention to implementation.

Weifang City Forestry Bureau Deputy Director Han Ruidong, forestry science and technology promotion station, such as Guo Guangzhi, Chinese Academy of forestry by forestry, Office, head of the Department of science and technology, attended the seminar.

China Academy of forestry scientific and technological cooperation agreement with the Weifang city people's Government in September 2012, both in salt tolerance plant cultivation, construction of coastal protection forest, coastal wetland landscape creation and protection, afforestation in saline-alkali land, coastal forest pests monitoring in close cooperation with the aspects of prevention and control, to promoting ecological construction of Weifang and play an important role in local economic development. (China Academy of forestry)

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