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Common Walnut pests beetles
- Oct 31, 2016 -
Physical measures for controlling the beetle, biological control and chemical control methods such as integrated

In order to achieve good results.

1, physical measures: peak period unearthed in eclosion, phototaxis in the Orchard side loaded black light, lamp is placed under the basin, the water drip into the paraffin, collected.

2, biological control: pseudo-excessive stubbornness on shaking the branches of using adult, adults fell to the ground, artificial capture collection; Orchard stocking the chickens and ducks, protecting garden birds, frogs, snakes, wasps and other predators, and chickens and ducks and predators prey.

3, chemical control:

(1) to kill larvae: the garden soil, soil preparation, per MU with 3% methyl parathion granules or 5% 5--7 kg of phoxim granule applicator on the Crown ground, then turn it into, kill the larvae.

(2) to kill adult: adult evening with shengfa sprays, trichlorfon 800 times times of pharmacy can be used 90% Crystal or dichlorvos EC 50% 800-1000 times times, phoxim 1000 times times or 50%, or 10% out a hundred 1000 times times, or pest control Ling 1500 times times.

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