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Bio-insect net insects nowhere to hide
- Oct 31, 2016 -

This Ning Xiang (Li Zhiyong) recently, the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau in ningxiang County, Hunan province (branch) organized the base unit to trichogramma wasps, trichogramma popularized tobacco budworm, prodenia litura control technique of 5000 acres. This year, ningxiang tobacco in tobacco planting regions introduce aphidius wasps, Harmonia axyridis, bio technology, to promote "insect pest control" concept, to weave a "bio-insect net", so nowhere to hide tobacco common pests.

Ningxiang County Council (branch) through letters, text messages, banners, posters, newspapers, television, smoke classroom diversity awareness training to enhance biological control of tobacco farmers on technical approval, change the way of thinking of farmers using chemical pesticides to control pests and diseases, and reduce the use of chemical pesticides, ensure safety of tobacco. While, increased development efforts, to smoke aphid cocoon bee control aphids technology for point, advance trichogramma, and ladybug, predators control smoke green insect, and twill spodoptera exigua technology of research and development, established technology procedures, expanded model scale, building promotion mode, and active carried out applies Yu local ecological conditions of tobacco pest green control technology development, gradually formed to biological, and physical, and agricultural technology measures mainly, chemical control supplement of green control technology system. Also, speed up to big agricultural promotion process, strengthening and County agricultural sector communication collaboration, will biological control technology and agricultural sector of basket engineering, and disease insect monitoring, and green control, focus project phase combined, adjusting measures to local conditions carried out big agricultural model application, and manpower put bee regional and the crop type, building crop pest green control technology system, continued expanded "to insect pest control" of application effect, build responsibility tobacco new card.

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