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Study on evaluation system of forest resource accounting and green economy in China starts
- Oct 31, 2016 -

On May 10, the State Forestry Bureau and the National Bureau of statistics in Beijing launched a new round of "China economic evaluation system of forest resource accounting and green" project. Woodland forest resources project will mainly study the economic value and the service function of forest ecological value accounting and forest socio-cultural value assessment and forest green economy evaluation index system of four parts, with the first two expected to be completed this year, the latter two strive for initial results achieved over the past two years.

Attended by Secretary Zhao Shucong, National Bureau of statistics Ma jiantang, Director of the State Forestry Administration launched and delivered a speech. Auspices of the State Forestry Bureau Deputy Director Sun Zagen, HR loop of the CPPCC, Deputy Director, State Bureau of forestry science and Technology Committee Deputy Director Jiang zehui project background, research based, contents and working arrangements were introduced.

Zhao Shucong said State Forestry Bureau and the National Bureau of statistics jointly carried out China's forest resource accounting and evaluation system of green, is an important work of implementing the spirit of the 18, for the construction of ecological civilization and promote forestry development is of great significance. Project is a major initiative promoting the construction of ecological civilization, are an important basis for tackling global climate change, is a necessary requirement of forestry development of ecological forestry and people's livelihood, was in line with the international development trend.

Zhao Shucong stressed that forests have ecological, economic, social, cultural and other features, but also has distinctive features such as dynamic, complex, and diverse. Forest resource accounting is a complicated and difficult task. To tightly around implement implementation 18 big spirit, and vigorously advance ecological civilization construction, national strategy overall, science plan, carefully organization; to respect law, science accounting, ensure research work science ordered, and research results full accurate; to strengthening collaboration, close tie, put whole team of resources and advantage with use good, for research work provides good of conditions and service; to focused on application, promoted development, for construction ecological civilization and beautiful China made more big contribution.

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