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Sex Pheromone Trap For Pests Into The Tender Trap
- Oct 31, 2016 -

Ningbo, China News (reporter Luo Lianhao) on a small bamboo, large trellis sides, hanging like a bottle of something, whether it is day or night, from time to time with dark brown flying bugs, fall into the "bottle" following in a plastic bag, then alas. Yesterday, by the worm, beet armyworm, spodoptera exigua bitter vegetable Dr Jian Zhou tianyuan town, Cixi saw scene: the day, each such device can catch insects more than 100 birds, not only save money on pesticides, artificial, and also guarantees the quality of vegetables.

"Bottle" called sex pheromone trap, is a kind of high-tech products, just popularized in the city this year. Agricultural experts, synthetic pest of mature females that are excreted made of pheromone Attractants in traps, attracting male insects to mate, into "the tender trap", so that male and female pest disorder to suppress pests in purpose.

Vegetable farm at North Bridge, city technicians to open "bottle", out of which a diameter less than 1 mm, small plastic tubes of only four or five centimeters in length. Tubes containing this kind of sex pheromone. Such a tube, can be used for 3 months. He said that after recent rain, high humidity, combined with perfect temperature, worm eggs, such as breeding has created favorable conditions, and as a result, some very serious pests. To that end, the city and the County (City) introduced support measures, free to send traps to the farmers fields, city farmer has currently more than 30,000 involving area of more than 30,000 acres in vegetable fields.

Surnamed ye, pointing to the trap, head of the farm is filled with plastic bags under said, the device can trap more than more than 200 a day at most, less is more than more than 20. His 97 acres of vegetable fields more than more than 100, the effect is very good: last year at this time, he will play once every 10 days of medicine, now only once a month, more than half the cost, but also save a lot of manpower.

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