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Xin Jiang, Bazhou: Green Bio-control Technology Of Chemical Pesticides Become Extinct
- Oct 31, 2016 -

Bcc network Korla July 8 message (reporter Sun bazhou Taiwan reporter Hou Hongbo) now, is plant various pest of high sent season, however in Xinjiang Korla city Sha Yidong gardening field of 2500 acres ecological Orchard model Park in reporter see, trap device, and stick insect Board, and and from Russia of efficient humic acid, some biological control technology big explicit Kamui, became eradication incense PEAR pest of "green weapons", incense PEAR of leaves also than in previous years more green.

This year March, Xinjiang in bazhou official started ecological Orchard model project, this project not only plots information, and farming records, and fruit detection, and quarantine information, and fruit grade evaluation, implemented full monitoring, most core of is is through using predators biological technology to control harmful biological, ban using chemical pesticide, according to bazhou forest disease insect control quarantine station webmaster Zhang introduced, from March yilai, forestry system of more than 20 over staff day and night of waiting in model Orchard within, observation pest of dynamic, Timely according to different season in domestic first used from United States of kaolin spray cloth, and Russia of efficient rot plant acid and from Czech of fans to technology, Zhang said: from control model Park of monitoring records see, through biological control Orchard of borers fruit rate, leaves against rate are far below with chemical control of garden, like used fans to technology, control borers fruit rate reached 87%, borers fruit rate not to 1%, last year, some garden to 50%, 100 a fruit 50 are was borers, currently, through, we of experience, than in previous years greatly reduced.

Bazhou ecological health Orchard Park this year through the use of biological control, use the principle of protecting PEAR natural enemies of pests and diseases, prohibiting the use of chemical pesticides, both to protect the environment, and further expand the number of enemies and finally without any control measures ensure the ecological orchard in fruit quality.

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