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Why Other Cockroaches Than Germany Germanica Timid?
- Oct 31, 2016 -

There are common cockroaches in our country in the past two, the black chest of periplaneta fuliginosa and periplaneta. Germany cockroach cockroach native to Europe, after a variety of chemical drugs kill, the body naturally creates a broad resistance, so these types of cockroaches are difficult to control in China and become the dominant species.

We know that ordinary cockroaches are active and sensitive to light at midnight, but Germany Germanica in better living conditions abroad during the first Roach in their living habits are different from ordinary population on a variety of complex environments (including pensha) obtain optimal growth, eating frequently so their sensitivity to light is not as strong, mistakenly thought to be the reason for their bold.

Currently Germany Germanica main hiding places were, constant temperature all the year round stream of a larger environment. First is catering and hotels, food processing industry, which places human visitors to year round temperatures, there is plenty of food, Roach provides very favourable conditions for the survival and reproduction, followed by hospitals, home, Office and computer room, cockroach density is the highest of such establishments.

Almost all chemical pesticides pesticides available on the market, including professional chemical pesticide company in the preparation of drugs, common pensha agent, baits, smoke agent, such as poison pills and cockroach chalk. Use permethrin drugs and, more recently, there have been new biotechnology cockroach, include virus cockroach technology with the international advanced level.

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