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National Centre For Agricultural Technology To Deploy The 2012 Major Plant Diseases And Insect Pests Prevention And Control Work
- Oct 31, 2016 -

2011 control crop pests and diseases make up for production losses 185.7 billion pounds, green technology adoption rate increased from the previous year of major crops around 3%, vegetables, fruit trees, tea tree crops such as green technology application area of close to 800 million acres. Main experiences: one is to improve the major diseases and insect pests prevention and control mechanism. Effective follow-up to and implementation of major diseases and insect pests prevention and control work "dominant, territorial management, joint control of the Government," three mechanisms, further establishing Government-led command major crops diseases and insect pests prevention and control institutions at all levels, and defines the control responsibilities of Governments at all levels and relevant departments. Second, new and unexpected pests timely. Two outbreaks of noctuid in Huang-Huai-Hai summer maize main production area, the Department of agriculture quickly issued a circular on the rapid development of two-point emergency notification emergency prevention and control of spodoptera exigua, and two technical guidance on prevention and control of spodoptera exigua in the maize field, the provincial plant protection agencies respond quickly, in time, adopted a number of effective prevention and control measures to effectively control the damage. Yongji, Shanxi and Jilin Daan locust emergencies, Agriculture Department to quickly form the ground emergency prevention, timely coordination of airline aircraft mobilization, organizing emergency prevention and control actions, get effective control of Oriental migratory locust emergencies. Third, pest information quickly. Around the opening, rice major pest of wheat stripe rust in time, two noctuid, potato late blight, locusts and other duty calls and e-mails weekly system information on duty and serious implementation of major diseases and pests, plant protection system published for the year of the locust control letters and major diseases and insect pests in weekly more than 120 duoqi. Four is to advance the professional manpower to prevent domination. Anti-rule model vigorously throughout the 2011 specialized manpower, establishment of model 100, the model 10 million acres

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