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National Centre For Agricultural Technology Deployment Monitoring And Control Of Codling Moth
- Oct 31, 2016 -

For full deployment 2014 Apple Valens moth monitoring and control work, upgrade related province plant quarantine Member technology, reduce occurred district Apple Valens moth against loss, delay its to China advantage Apple region diffusion spread, national agricultural center Yu March 18, 2014 in Gansu Lanzhou Organization held has national Apple Valens moth monitoring and control technology courses, from North 15 a Apple main region of provincial plant quarantine institutions, and part focus County (district) plant quarantine institutions near 40 name quarantine personnel participate in has training, Yang Qifeng, Deputy Director of agriculture and animal husbandry in Gansu province to deliver a speech.

Courses invited public (agricultural) industry research special "invasion biological Apple Valens moth monitoring and control technology research" project host and Zhang runzhi researcher and the participation units in the Czech Quartet technology limited Cui Yinzhong, experts on in recent years of latest research progress, do has topic report, detailed introduced has Apple Valens moth sex information pigment monitoring and the fans to method control, and PEAR fat trapping, Apple Valens moth green control new method.

Participate in training personnel consistent think, current Apple Valens moth main with human activities fast spread spread, interdiction control situation is severe, next should continues to clear Apple Valens moth outbreak control Government led responsibility, levels plant quarantine institutions to highlight do outbreak monitoring, strengthened defense joint control, constantly increased publicity and training efforts, active towards support, create society common do Apple Valens moth interdiction and control work of atmosphere.

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