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Revealing Biological Invasion Strategy Seven Methods
- Oct 31, 2016 -

Strategy: eat life of hardship, leading to human

Please imagine this: If an organism can grow in the snow, and settled in the hot sun; both face of saline-alkali soil and the dry desert are playing fast; food is never picky, particularly hungry ... ... So where is it can't "make"? Hollow Lotus grass is with this a cross practice years of "iron cloth shirts" Kung Fu, to so proud to lording: it resistance super strong, not only defying cold heat, and even death has, as long as plant no completely rot, until timing mature, still will resurrection damage; to occupation as big of site, it more is evolution out aquatic, and land health two species ecological type, invasion Shi can by land to water, times and Xia, again by water to land, is real of "surface amphibious pirate"!

Strategy two: blessings for children

Water hyacinth is another strategy used. Water gourd has extremely powerful of breeding capacity, even can to sexual and clones two species way reproduction offspring, and in invasion of early, asexual more is main of: every spring summer Zhiji, water gourd relies on creeping branch and parent separation of way, each 5 days on can clone out a new plant, with can't how many time it on can Pu full whole waters, in South waters for curse not small. Poem: "day bi-infinite", but the "Lotus" nor that "Lotus". Hand in hand, the roots of water hyacinth roots, like "juzhongzishi", form stretching over dozens of kilometres of "Green Island", silting up rivers, affecting navigation, so is worthy of the "River killer". Also appearance weak gorgeous, and delicate of Canada a support yellow, is relies on this strategy, fit like to throughout urban and rural wilderness--even without seed breeding, a support yellow that like bamboo as of underground roots also will around spread, in found right of place Hou on automatically health out new strains, so unless a strains not left to completely even root eradication, or spark can Prairie, last on only left it a support yellow exclusive has.

Strategy three: persimmon picked up the soft ones

Select monotone weak eco-system as a target of invasion is also used by the intruder strategy. Now, causing devastating harm to three North protection forest insect Longicorn beetles perhaps complacency – awful most of them it is eyeing the three northern regions is the single species of trees plantation, eco-system structure is simple, it's hard to resist this crazy pest "gate of life", to take advantage of. According to statistics from the relevant authorities for investigation, suffered by anoplophora glabripennis in three northern regions, an area of 2.5 million acres, causing economic losses cannot be directly measured in digital; in Gulang County, Gansu province in desert danger due to pest; Longicorn pest was vividly called "no smoke of forest fires". Similarly, in North America were invaded, kind of "smokeless fire" is the first burn to a single plantation. In contrast, although in the mixed forest in the Southwest we can catch teeth of monochamus alternatus hope, where they lost the legend of destructive power, was invaded ecosystems is why resistance is different.

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