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Cypress Plant Diseases And Insect Pests Control
- Oct 31, 2016 -

Platycladus orientalis spiralis (moth larvae of platycladus orientalis)

Platycladus orientalis Caterpillar (Dendrolimus suffuscus Lajonquiere), platycladus orientalis are moth larvae are platycladus orientalis forest of main leaf-eating insects. This bug 1 year 2, 3--5 larvae overwintering in leaf litter or under rocks. Tree damage in mid-March the following year, between mid-April and old aging pupae in early June 1th generation of larvae hatching until mid-July, and old aging pupa, in mid-August, late 2nd generation larvae hatch, harm to mid-October, and down in winter.

Control points:

(1) agricultural control. Strengthen forest management, timely pruning and cut off at the right time, in the insect girdling bark during winter, set burned down, and when the larvae occurs for manual capture.

(2) physical control. According to the adult phototaxis set black light trap and kill adult worms.

(3) biological control. Natural enemies of the pest species, occurs when a small amount of as far as possible without defense, protecting natural enemies, such as the release of WaSP.

(4) chemical control. Larvae density big Shi, should be early rule, using aircraft low capacity spray 25% out young urea 3rd, control larvae, each acres medication 23-45g, spray liquid volume 10.5kg, control effect can up 98%, aircraft control to in sunny, and three level following wind of conditions Xia for; artificial spray 25% out young urea 3rd,, 1:1500 times times liquid can control larvae, effect can up 90% above, general control should in 2-4 age period for, according to need can added few Chrysanthemum ester class pesticide.

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