Sex Pheromone Lure for Ostrinia Furnacalis Insect Attractant for Corn Borer

This pheromone lure is for Ostrinia furnacalis, the Asian corn borer.

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Sex pheromone lure for Ostrinia furnacalis Insect attractant for corn borer

This pheromone lure is for Ostrinia furnacalis, the Asian corn borer.
Manufactured with high quality sex pheromone and constant release rubber septa carriers, our pheromone lures are species specific, residue free and effective for attracting targeted adult male damaging insects for more than 45 days in the fields, perfect for monitoring or mass trapping.

The Asian corn borer is well known as an agricultural pest on several crops, especially corn. It is likely to be the worst pest insect on corn in the western Pacific region of Asia, and one of the worst pests overall, second only to maize downy mildew.
This insect can cause devastating losses in a corn field. The moth larva feeds on almost any part of the plant, damaging the fruit when it bores into the ear to feed on the silk and kernels. It also invades the tassels, where it feeds on pollen; detasseling the corn can help to reduce larval populations.
The moth will take advantage of a number of host plants other than corn, including other crops such as bell pepper, cotton, hops, millet, pearl millet, foxtail millet, sugarcane, sorghum, and ginger.






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