Rubber Septum Sex Pheromone Lure for Spodoptera Exigua Rubber Septum Insect Attractant for Beet Armyworm

This pheromone lure is for Spodoptera exigua, the beet armyworm.

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Rubber septum sex pheromone lure for Spodoptera exigua Rubber septum insect attractant for beet armyworm

This pheromone lure is for Spodoptera exigua, the beet armyworm.
Manufactured with high quality sex pheromone and constant release rubber septa or PVC carriers, our pheromone lures are species specific, residue free and effective for attracting targeted adult male damaging insects for more than 45 days in the fields, perfect for monitoring or mass trapping.

The beet armyworm or small mottled willow moth is one of the best-known agricultural damaging insects. It is native to Asia, but has been introduced worldwide and is now found almost anywhere its many host crops are grown.
The larvae feed on the foliage of plants, and can completely defoliate small ones. Smaller larvae devour the parenchyma of leaves, so all that remains is the thin epidermis and veins. Larger larvae tend to burrow holes through thick areas of plants. The wide host range of the beet armyworm includes asparagus, beans and peas, sugar and table beets, celery, cole crops, lettuce, potato, tomato, cotton, cereals, oilseeds, tobacco, many flowers, and a multitude of weed species.






Pherobio Technology has been committed to developing, manufacturing and marketing high quality rubber septum sex pheromone lure for spodoptera exigua rubber septum insect attractant for beet armyworm for years, which is well-known as one of the largest professional manufacturers and suppliers. Our insect pheromone product comes in low price, easy operation and excellent performance. Now, take action to check the pricelist with us and try our customized service.

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